A new kind of network for
Nordic political and
digital expertise to
help society progress

founded by Reform Society & Kruse Larsen

Birgitta Pagot, Reform Society & Jan-Erik Larsen, Kruse Larsen
Nordic perspective. Local expertise.

Politics matter. The processes, the people in power and those who influence them – together, they determine how the world is governed, shaped and progresses.

That is why we love politics, and love to be engaged in issues that are key to the development of society – because we believe the world can still progress. We have always worked closely with politics and those who shape it. And over the years, we have realized the need for both a Nordic perspective and deep, local knowledge and insight.

That is why we, fast-growing agencies in each Nordic country, have come together as ComNordic – a network of communications agencies in the Nordics. To learn from each other. To access and share each other’s experience, expertise and experts. And to invite our clients across the Nordics to do the same.

This way, we:
→ Offer our clients and partners expertise at the very highest level – within health, sustainability and engagement-driven campaigns.
→ Broaden perspectives. Of ourselves and our clients.
→ Reach the right solutions quicker – and develop new offers and tools to do so.

Together, we deliver the strategies, the engagement and the seamless execution needed for our clients – Nordic as well as Nord-ish – to thrive and grow.

Together, we develop the Nordic society.

ComNordic consists of two of the most successful agencies* across the Nordics joining forces in a new, partner-owned network. We have realized the need for both a Nordic perspective and deep, local knowledge and insight. That is why we come together to offer our clients both. We are a network that is –

* Reform Society from Stockholm, Sweden and Kruse Larsen from Oslo, Norway


Politics is at our core – and what we work with and through.
→ We understand politics and its place in our world . We know how it works, in the region and how it connects to the rest of the world.

→ We know that the world and societies are changing fast – and politics with them. We keep pace, and even stay ahead.

→ We know that politics is the art of the possible. And we adapt and develop the approaches and tools needed to make things possible


We are from, and know, the Nordics.
→ We know that the issues are similar across borders – and that local expertise and insight has never been more important.

→ We know that clients can benefit greatly from having an aligned Nordic perspective in their initiatives and communication, both on costs and effect.

→ We know that cross-Nordic teams bring greater, tailored insights and lead to more effective executions.


From the ground up, and in everything we do.
→ We know that 'data' stopped being a buzzword a long time ago – and has been a key to our work for even longer.

→ We know that 'digital' is bigger than just tools and channels – it is (still!) changing our clients way of working in fundamental ways. We are both prepared, and eager, to help navigate the digital landscape.

→ We know… digital. It’s always been a part of what we do, how we do it, and – in a big, big way, why we do it.

ComNordic gathers the best consultants in the Nordics to partner with clients in –


The most experienced and forward-thinking Nordic consultants in the health sector.

—> If you want to hear more about our Nordic offer within health, contact Petter Odmark.


The most experienced and forward-thinking Nordic consultants in the sustainability sector.

—> If you want to hear more about our Nordic offer within sustainability, contact Anne Therese Gullberg.


The most experienced and forward-thinking Nordic consultants for campaigns – engagement-driven, people-powered campaigns for awareness, fundraising, recruitment and politics.

—> If you want to hear more about our Nordic offer within campaigns, contact Jacob Åström.

We are currently working across Nordic and European countries with Novartis, Tier, Free Press Unlimited, Capio, AIDS-Fondet and others within health, sustainability and engagement-driven campaigns.

ComNordic is founded by two independent, Nordic agencies –

Reform Society
creates change through politics, technology and creativity. We are a broad spectrum of specialists in everything from public affairs to machine learning – that work together to solve big and small communications challenges. We move people and power to make change happen – through analysis to action, and back again.

Kruse Larsen
provides strategic advice based on honesty, insight and experience. We help our clients to develop conscious, long-term and strategic communication. Those who take a clear position are more often listened to and have greater impact. We help companies, organisations and leaders to be heard, seen and understood.

We have campaign agencies across the nordics

Reform Act doesn't sell cars. We help people change the world. With strategy, creativity and digital tools, we mobilize people to do things that really matter.

Roxy are specialists in digital and engaging communication with effect IRL (in real life). We have engaged thousands of people in Denmark, in the Nordic countries and throughout Europe.

Pressure puts digital pressure on democratic decision-making processes. We engage, involve and inspire people to become part of positive change.

Ignite Society accelerates the political process with data and digital marketing. Specializing in public policy work and digital social marketing, it is the first campaigning and digital public affairs agency in Finland.